Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just to be back home in Old St. Lou'!

Hi There!

Sorry it's been a while. It's been CRAZY busy. Jon is off doing pre-deployment training in CAX (even though he's not deploying again... stupid huh?) and I'm off to St. Louis again in a couple of days to CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE!

We've gone ahead with the below house and even though it needs a few repairs and cosmetic updates, it fits our needs perfectly! 

A few days ago I also bought a (new to me) Subaru Impreza RS because I wanted an AWD yet fuel economical car since I've got a Midwestern Winter ahead! 

All up- it's been a crazy, crazy couple of weeks and I'm currently lacking much inspiration to write a lot at the moment. I've got some pretty exciting stuff going on though so once all of that is cleared up, I'm sure I'll find PLENTY to write about- especially with regards to doing up our new house! 

In the meantime, Stay Glamorous! I'll be back soon!

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