Sunday, September 30, 2012

Airstream Dreaming

Good Evening Glamour Dolls and Homemakers,

Today to my list of links I added Little Vintage Trailer. I think I came across this website ages ago but forgot the URL. Almost as long as we've been together, my husband and I have been talking about getting a Vintage Airstream. 

Despite my many tens of thousands of miles in the sky and hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent at airports throughout the world in my lifetime, I've developed an aversion to modern day air travel. I find airports and security a pain in the back side, modern aeroplanes increasingly uncomfortable, other travelers more inconsiderate and overall just do not enjoy the experience anymore. Also, considering I've almost exclusively upgraded to first/ business class (terribly not frugal but it was for the sake of my sanity) for the past 6 years, the cost of air travel has become almost prohibitive. 

My favorite methods of transportation are Ships and Trains. Obviously though, Ships are normally for cruising in nowadays so unless I want to go on a repositioning cruise, it's not really going to get me anywhere! Plus, I haven't been on a ship now since the end of 2007. Where does time go?

Trains I think are wonderful- and we are getting a High Speed Rail link between St. Louis and Chicago! Thank you AMTRAK! This will be amazing and just another reason to more frequently visit my 2nd favorite city, Chicago (St. Louis being 1st of course). 

Not to derail the point of this post though, (derail, get it? oh I'm hilarious!)- Jon and I want an Airstream. Part of it due to the Retro Romance factor, partly due to practicality.

We think that caravanning is probably an affordable way to see this beautiful country we live in, although obviously Gas Prices are getting a bit out of control. However, we'd certainly be saving on Hotel bills- and no need to pack and unpack or risk staying at some fleabag roadside flop house! 

Maybe we're old fashioned or just way too sentimental- but don't you think a vacation in the family Airstream sounds like fun? Or do you think it would turn out like Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's disasterous experience in The Long, Long Trailer?

Another obstacle that we of course have to overcome (much like Lucy & Desi in the above film) is the fact that we don't currently have a vehicle capable of towing an Airstream! So of course there's kinks in our plan... but we can always dream, right?

Until next time, Stay Glamorous!


  1. Oooo I love Airstreams, unfortunately they're not easy to come by here. But I was looking at some fabulous retro camper vans and the prettiest little teardrop caravans on the weekend. So tempting but so expensive.

    I think you'd have a great time caravanning. And just think of the fun you'd have picking out the perfect little curtains and the perfect crockery and cooking in that cute little kitchen.


  2. Hi there! I happened to come across your blog and find it to be very delightful! You have some fun pictures and ideas so I just had to become a follower :) I look forward to your future posts.