Saturday, September 29, 2012

House Document Organization

Just a quick post today!

As you know- I was previously mentioning the plethora of documents that are involved in owning a house! It's insane! When I was last at Target, I picked up a couple of Greenroom Recycled Hanging File Boxes normally priced at $13.99.

However, there were only about 3 left of the pretty patterned ones on the shelf at my Target and all were a bit scuffed up / damaged (it looked like they'd been dropped a few times or possibly mishandled in by shelf stockers or during shipping). I asked an associate if there would be any discount due to the condition and pointed out the flaws who in turn asked a manager. 

So, I ended up getting these boxes for $3.99 each! Eventually I'm going to need to buy a filing cabinet but these are perfect for right now, and a very pretty way to keep my most important house related documents! 

It just goes to show- it's always worth asking! From this angle, the boxes look perfectly fine!

Stay Glamorous!

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