Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saving the Pink Bathrooms!

I'm so exhausted! 

I'm back in St. Louis and I spent the day stripping wallpaper off the walls in the bathrooms! The walls look GROSS and mucky right now- but I filled up the holes where hooks had previously been and I'll clean them off tomorrow to get ready to paint!

Both my Master Bathroom and my Guest Bathroom are pictured here before and after I stripped the wallpaper off- excuse the mess! (I'm in the process of redecorating after all!). 

And yes- I'm keeping all of the original fixtures! I'm probably going to paint the walls in both, PINK! How very 1950s of me. Seriously though, there is a whole website dedicated to Pink Bathrooms. They were all the rage half a century ago!

Guest Bathroom: With Wallpaper

Guest Bathroom: Without Wallpaper (yucky walls!)

Master Bathroom:

Master Bathroom, Wallpaper Detail:

Master Bathroom, Without Wallpaper:

Anyway- I'll post more pics once I get the painting done! I've still got the Kitchen to paint and get taken care of also! It's actually really rewarding but it is a lot of work! It's fun though because it's going to look lovely in the end!

Stay Glamorous!


  1. Looking good so far! I love the detailing on the shower doors.

  2. Adorable aren't they!? There are little engraved labels at the top of each on the inside saying

    St. Louis Customer Shower Doors with an old phone number- so cute! :)