Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Festive Fiestaware

One year ago or so, I don't think I even knew what Fiestaware was. It wasn't available to us in Australia, and despite living in the United States for a number of years now, I was yet to 'discover' it. Then, a friend bought me a Sunflower Fiestaware pitcher- and I was hooked! My wonderful inlaws started buying me more Fiestaware for my collection and then I got a motherload of it at Christmas from them and my husband! It definitely makes me easy to buy for. Buy me Fiestaware and I'll be happy! 

Sorry about the glare from the glass on my display cabinet and the low photo quality:

Obviously the black and red bowls down the bottom and the red jug are not Fiestaware- they're just 'filling up space' right now until I obtain more Fiesta to put there. 

The colors I collect are:

Sunflower (yellow)
Tangerine (orange)
Lemongrass (green)
Scarlet (red)
Peacock (blue)
Plum (purple)

I currently have 10 five piece place settings (with teacups)- 1 in each of the colors (and then 4 double ups in Peacock, Tangerine, Scarlet and Sunflower), a 9" x 13" Tangerine Baking Dish, Scarlet Salt & Pepper Shakers, a Lemongrass Condiment / Small Oval Baking Plate, a Peacock Pasta Bowl, 8 Gusto Bowls, Sunflower Oval Serving Platter, and the Sunflower Pitcher that started it all!

If you don't use Fiestaware already- I highly recommend it for the following reasons:

1) It's super pretty. The color brings a brightness and 'festive' quality to your table.
2) It's retro! Fiestaware started in 1936 and spiked in popularity in the 1950s.
3) It's Made in the U.S.A! Show some patriotism!
4) It's amazing quality! It's Microwave Safe, Oven Safe and Dishwasher Safe. Can't beat that! 
5) Almost every serving dish or baking dish you could ever want, is available in Fiestaware!

On the flip side, Fiestaware is expensive- but you have to pay for quality! Oftentimes however, Macys or Amazon will have extraordinary sales on Fiestaware with as much as 50% off- otherwise a place setting will run you about $50 a piece. 

Serving food on Fiestaware and eating off Fiestaware makes me super happy. I can't wait until Christmas, because I'm certain to get more :) 

So, ditch your cheap plastic plates and add some Festive Fiestaware to your wishlist today! 

Stay Glamorous!

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