Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mini- Grocery Haul!

Good Afternoon!

Enjoying your lunch? I just got back from Food Lion and decided to share with you the Groceries I bought! Call me a dork but I am always really curious when it comes to what other people load their grocery carts with- so I thought you might be interested in what I bought from the grocery store! Or you'll be totally bored (in which case you can skip this post altogether!). 

As Jon and I will be going to St. Louis in 5 days time, I wanted to minimize the amount of Fresh Produce that I bought because there is no way it will keep fresh while we're in St. Louis for two weeks! Therefore, I upped the quantity of staples, frozen and canned products so that I won't need to do a grocery shop immediately when we get back from our trip- but we'll still have plenty of yummy things to eat between now and then!

First- some photos! (click to view larger)

The List:
Bertolli Marinara Sauce $2.50
Lipton Onion Soup $1.25
KCups Green Mountain Breakfast Blend $7.99

Gensoy BBQ Soy Crisps $2.69
2 Metromint Waters $3.18
Dole Field Greens $2.60
Morningstar Chik'n Nuggets $1.69
Morningstar Chik'n Patties $1.69
Hard n Soft Taco Kit $2.29
Morningstar Meal Starters $1.69
Almonds $4.29
Stir Fry Corn $1.59
Red Beans & Rice $1.19
Minced Garlic $1.79
Sweet Relish $1.79
Gourmet Garden Cilantro $3.97
Gourmet Garden Ginger $3.97
Nasoya Tofu $2.50
Matchstick Carrots $1.55
Bush's Chick Peas $1.19
Smart Balance $3.49
Diced Onion $2.61
Sliced Green Onion $2.69
Steam Fresh Green Beans $2.79
Corn on the Cob $3.19
Chopped Walnuts $1.79
Flaked Coconut $1.59
Green Apples $2.50

Total: $72.87 (inc 2% sales tax)

I didn't need to buy bread or soy milk this trip and Jon picked some up on his way home from work yesterday (otherwise there would be no sandwiches for his lunch today or milk for his cereal!). This was definitely not the most frugal shop- I didn't use any coupons today but I did take advantage of a sale on Morningstar Vegetarian products! 

Also, over the last few months we've been using a water filter as opposed to buying water. Metromint water though is so dreamy I sometimes pick up a couple of bottles as a treat. They're actually zero calories and all natural (the ingredients read purified water, mint and cocoa) but I usually can't justify paying for water. 

Finally- you'll notice that I opted for pre-prepared veggies today as opposed to Fresh. Why? Well, for starters I can't chop onion to save my life. I know that everyone cries when chopping Onions- but with me it's literally painful and more like Niagra Falls. My eyes get so bad I can barely see! Therefore I always opt for the pre-chopped in Onions to avoid my eyes freaking out. As for the Carrots- I've got a super busy week getting ready to go back to St. Louis so I opted for these as a time saver. I really, really don't see anything wrong with going for the pre-chopped vegetables if time isn't on your side. Sure, you'll save money by slicing and chopping your own, but if you know you have a busy week ahead you don't have to.

Plus- Fresh Produce at Food Lion is far from great. Unfortunately my only local grocery options as before mentioned are Food Lion and Walmart (and Piggly Wiggly but I don't shop there) and neither have a wonderful or extensive produce section. 

Believe me- if I had a Whole Foods or something similar near by, my cart would be filled with beautiful fresh produce!

Anyway- until next time, Stay Glamorous!

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