Monday, October 22, 2012

Fashion Flashback: 1950

Hello There, Glamour Dolls!

I was in the mood for bringing you some Vintage Fashion so here are some wonderful photos from two 1950 editions of LIFE magazine which capture the essence of American fashion in that year. 

As you'll probably notice, with the daytime fashions some of the utilitarianism that was so prominent in 1940s fashion is still evident although the flamboyant glamour that would later trademark the decade is starting to shine through in the evening wear. 


P.S. Can you spot a young Janet Leigh (later of Psycho fame)?

And underneath it all...

Original Photographs are property of LIFE magazine. This is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

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  1. Ah yes, there is nothing I adore more than looking at old black and white photographs. :)

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a kind comment. It was a pleasure to "meet" you. :)