Thursday, October 11, 2012

This, That and The Other!

I'm sorry for the tardiness in updating. I have actually been working on Part 2 of my little commentary regarding Mid Century Modest vs The McMansion. As I want to ensure everything I tell you is correct for the most part, it takes a lot more research than you'd think for such a post! 

Right now I'm still in North Carolina although Jon is hopefully getting some leave at the end of the month so that we can go back to St. Louis to do more work on the house before we actually move.

Also, we have been working out the logistics of the project we endeavor to do next year. I don't want to say too much about it yet until I have fully committed. It will be fun though, for me, and hopefully for my readers. If anything, it will increase my reader base, although that isn't my main priority. 

Anyway, I have to tidy up the kitchen and put dinner on before Jon comes home. I'm doing Spaghetti Bolognese with Vegetarian Meatballs. I might make some Garlic Bread as well :) 

I'll give you a cryptic clue to what is in store for 2013! 

Some of you do already know what DH & I are planning as I discussed it briefly in a Forum. I'm excited to say the least!

Where our new house is in St. Louis will be perfect for the project. 

I'll post more later :)

Stay Glamorous!

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