Thursday, October 18, 2012

St. Louis LIFE Nov 14, 1960

As you may know, I have an obsession with vintage Life magazines. I thought I'd share some treats from the Nov 14, 1960 issue featuring a spread on my beloved St. Louis.

We open with a stunning picture of St. Louis Union Station juxtaposed behind the Carl Milles Meeting of the Waters fountain. I worked at the hotel portion of St. Louis Union Station when I first moved to St. Louis from Australia. 

This below photo is bittersweet. In one respect, it goes to show how the once prosperous St. Louis was keeping up with the times and moving ahead to become a city of the future in the optimistic mid 20th century. However, it is also a reminder that St. Louis has lost more architectural treasures to the bulldozers and wrecking balls than most cities have to begin with!

It's no understatement that St. Louis was once considered the driving force in making 10 Pin Bowling one of America's favorite retro pastimes. Although the Bowling Hall of Fame shut it's doors and headed south in 2008, Saratoga Lanes in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood is still operating after almost 100 years with few major changes.

I love the optimistic sentiment of Union Electric's spiel below. Union Electric is still St. Louis major provider of electricity, although is now marketed under the name AmerenUE. 

Whether you're a St. Louisan or not- I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past :)

Stay Glamorous!

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