Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Night At The Movies: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Jon has 24 hour duty at the base tonight so I've decided to re-watch one of my favorite films- What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 

The 1962 film stars two of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies- Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. However, it's the kind of film you're going to either love or hate. For me, the pairing of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the same screen is just so electric that I can't help but obsess! 

Our film opens in 1917 with a run of the mill Vaudeville act featuring Baby Jane Hudson singing and dancing for a delighted crowd while her sister, Blanche waits off stage in the shadows. Fast forward 18 years to 1935 and we find Blanche Hudson at the top of her game in Hollywood while 'Baby' Jane is a loathed D-movie player. A highlight of this segment however, shows clips of period Joan Crawford and Bette Davis films (Sadie McKee, Ex-Lady and Parachute Jumper). 

We move forward in time again to present day (1962) and find Blanche and 'Baby' Jane living together in a decaying mansion. Blanche is crippled and confined to a wheelchair while Jane is a drunkard living in some absurd recreation of her youth. 

'Baby' Jane deludedly attempts to rekindle her stage career as Baby Jane Hudson and tensions build as the resentment between the sisters grows. How did Blanche really end up in a wheelchair? Was it 'Baby' Jane's fault, as she's been led to believe the past two and a half decades? How far will 'Baby' Jane go to become famous again?

An addicting film noir that takes you on a macabre ride as Hollywood's Golden Age was beginning to fade. 

Extraordinary acting (and no doubt the off screen tensions between the two megastars), classic cinematography and great direction make this film an absolute treat. 

You can currently watch What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? for Free with Amazon Prime here. I believe Amazon Prime is still offering 2 week Free Trials so if you don't want to fork over the money for it right now, you can try it for free (and watch Baby Jane for free!). 

Enjoy the movie and Stay Glamorous!

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