Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Made Easy: Quick Tip #1


To a lot of you- this probably already makes a lot of logical sense. You probably even do this already! However, when I was growing up I know that I wasn't taught this, even if it seems like common sense. 

So here's my first Quick Tip about stacking Cutlery aka Silverware in your Dishwasher!

When organizing your cutlery/silverware- separate out the spoons, forks and knives into separate compartments in your caddy. Then, when your dishes are shiny and clean and ready to put away- you can easily put your spoons/forks/knives back into your cutlery drawer in seconds (without having to rifle through a handful of them and organize them all one by one!).

Trust me, this saves time and energy! As you rinse off each piece of cutlery in your sink- put it in your allocated slot in your caddy to begin with and your life will be made all that much simpler. It will save you a few seconds a day in the long run, and if you're anything like me, those seconds count :) 

Hope that helps!

Stay Glamorous!


  1. Excellent tip...of course I don't have a dishwasher :) That's right, I get to wash all my dishes by hand. But someday when I have a dishwasher, I will remember what Lottie Lee had to say!


  2. Ha ha! I do this too and son makes fun of me for doing so. Teenagers! But it's true, it's much easier to put them back in the drawer this way. :)