Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Rant of a Military Wife

Evening / Morning,

This is straying from my usual topics of conversation but I just feel the need to vent. Actually, I'm so stressed out about this that it's probably the reason I'm having trouble sleeping tonight! 

As I've mentioned, my husband is getting out of the Marine Corps on Nov 22 (therefore less than a month). This is posing two minor short term financial problems. 

We sunk every dime we had, literally, into buying our house in Missouri. I don't regret it, but it bust our bank account to pieces (we'd budgeted in the repair costs which have been taken care of for the most part). Right now, it's paycheck to paycheck and EVERY penny counts because first of all...

1) We had anticipated / budgeted for the military paying for our move- or most of it. The military will pay for the cost of moving to your home of record (even if you're moving in another direction). My husband's parents live in Florida, his cars are registered there, even his bank statements used to go there. He assumed that this was his home of record (in which case the cost to us for the Missouri move would be minimal). Not the case. Somehow, they have his home of record listed as being in North Carolina. Anyway, despite the screw up, the military isn't willing to fix it. So, we've got to fork out of pocket for moving costs. Bah Humbug! :(

2) Husband got told yesterday that they're having ALL dress uniform inspections (Alphas, Charlies and Bravos) this Friday. Oopsie daisy! Husband hasn't worn his Dress Blues or Alphas in about 2 years! And they were tight on him then! He's not fat, but he's filled out a lot since boot camp when they were originally fitted. Lo and behold they don't fit. So this evening after work I started calling around all of the pawn shops looking for a used 44 L in a Dress Blues Coat and Alphas Coat and Husband went out to hit the shops in person. Nowhere had a 44 L. Nowhere! Unless we wanted to fork over $329 for a new set of Dress Blues at a military store in the mall. Ugh! 

Finally, husband settled on 48 Ls which were far too big- but got the coats for $100 a piece second hand (still a lot of money) and then went to the repair shop to get them altered (because they need a lot of taking in) and they are charging him $90 per coat! That's $380 spent today!

And he didn't even find pants to fit- that's the expedition for tomorrow! 

UGH it hurts my head. I know it's not Jon's fault. He told his Sgt that he was getting out in 3 weeks, why in the world should he have to buy new dress uniforms for the sake of an inspection? He was threatened with an NJP though if he didn't turn up with all uniforms at the ready (NJP = Non Judicial Punishment. Sometimes it's nothing, other times they can put you on half pay and restriction depending on their mood).

It's absolutely stupid. Mind you, the cost of the uniforms is less than what half pay would be! 

He has turned in all of his weapons and SIF gear (flak jacket, kevlar, etc) already and had his final physical and dental so he's clearly in the process of getting out... yet he still has to buy new uniforms... tsk tsk tsk! 

Anyway, I listed his old, small ones on Craigslist and Lejeune Yardsales so I'm hoping I can get at least a tiny bit of money for them to help cover the costs.

OH and lastly, the transmission on my car has decided to die. That's going to be another $1500. 

It never rains, it pours, right? 

Transmission + The Move + Uniforms = $5000 :( 

We will work it all out. All is not lost. I just feel the need to vent my frustrations about everything going on. 

I know that we should have had a lot more of a buffer zone when we bought a house. We wanted much more of a buffer zone. In fact, we were looking at houses $10k-$20k less than what we ended up spending. However, the houses at a lesser price needed so much more work done, that it was unfeasible. The house we ended up getting, albeit more than we initially wanted to spend, was still significantly under appraised and market value so we did get a better deal in the long run.

I don't regret buying the house, but by gosh we're hurting because of it right now :( 

I hope your week is going better, Glamour Dolls!

Don't worry about me, I'll cheer up. I'm just having a bit of a pity party for myself here right now! I know everything will come good in the end, it always does :)


  1. Hang in there! Making him do all that makes no sense atall!

  2. Like Shannon said, hang in there, friend! I hope today is better than the day before. And Lottie Lee, thank you for always being so kind and sweet with your comments - I love reading what you have to say :) Enjoy your day.


  3. My husband (who was in the service twice) had to borrow pants from another G.I. when he got out of the Army and had to undergo that final inspection! I feel your pain -- military life gets so screwy at times, doesn't it? Our son got orders from California to Mississippi and they gave him 3 days to get out of there and didn't tell him what to do for the move so he had to put all his stuff in his pick-up (which we were glad he had) and drive himself to Mississippi and then he never got reimbursed for the move because they didn't tell him what to do (he's still basically a kid). So, he got snookered there. And, of course, when he got to Mississippi, all he did was sit around for a few weeks waiting for his classes to start. You really have to be your own advocate -- the military doesn't take care of you like they say they do and should. Good luck in your relocation.

  4. Oh dear. I can't blame you for feeling stressed about all these things. One just never knows what life is going to bring their way. I hope you're feeling better soon, and I shall keep you in my thoughts. Also, be sure to let us know how things turn-out.

    Blessings to you! {{{{hugs}}}}

  5. I totally related to the above comments and your "rant"--I was a military wife for over 4 yrs-thanks to Viet Nam and all the 'budget cuts' we military families got. I could go on for pages about our trials and tribulations, one thing still stands out for me-as a 'dependent' my monthly income was $300 less than what was deemed 'poverty' but could not get food stamps or any assistance for me or my child as we were "government dependents" -all the while my husband was running around with a big ole red cross on his army helmet. I don't dare go on about once he returned and looked for work--Favorite interview question-"well, where have you been for the last 4 years, you show no work history"